Paleontologists, don’t get me wrong. I really know nothing about the Jurassic era other than what I read in Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park.  Cavemen may or may not have coexisted with dinosaurs. I am not really feeling the itch to research today, so let’s just pretend they coexisted, okay?

In any case, my parents brought my Baby Book with them when they visited the wife and I a few weeks ago. In it was a drawing from my 5th grade year, which I shall henceforth refer to as “Wolf-Cat-Lynx Thing, Circa 1988-1989.” I am not sure what the assignment was, but I rendered this creature on a scratchboard in my 5th grade art class. I actually remember drawing this and thinking how much I enjoyed doing the detail work on the creature’s whiskers. I also remember the drawing was based on a picture of some sort.

In any case, while it is strange that my parents kept a drawing from 5th grade in my Baby Book (I assure you I was out of diapers at that point), I am certainly glad they did. Stumbling upon this today was like finding an ancient cave drawing from my own private Jurassic Era. Enjoy the craftsmanship of a 9-year-old. A Wolf-Cat-Lynx Thing, Circa 1988-89.