KC-based artist Danny J. Gibson has uploaded a number of illustrations for my book, and they are avaiable for viewing at the link below.  Enjoy the visual feast.


My favorite reaction to the picture of the Egyptians brushing their teeth with urine (a common practice in ancient Egypt) came from one of my co-workers, who could only exclaim, “That’s weird.”  No comments about Danny’s adaptations of the Egyptian gods into living advertisements for Pee Toothpaste.  No comment about the jackal’s tail being a toothbrush.  Only “That’s weird.”  This is what I love about art.  It is sublimely subjective.

My friend Brandon, who is celebrating a birthday tomorrow, totally disagrees with me about Paul Thomas Anderson’s film Magnolia.  Brandon says simply, “It’s a mess.”  Three words for a three hour film.  I, on the other hand, have never been able to gush enough about it.  I own a copy of the shooting script, the soundtrack, the film on DVD.  Three artifacts for a three-hour film.

Here’s to art, and here’s to Danny’s art for my book.  He is still in the process of creating.  Look forward to a long book with pictures.  If you do not like to read, you can at least gawk at the art and say, “That’s weird.”  Of course, the art might be gawking at you and thinking the very same thing.