While I have already rounded up several of you to be designated readers when I complete the current round of rewrites and revisions, I need feedback from the rest of you about an idea for pitching the book to potential agents.  We are not quite at that stage yet, but we are getting closer, and we want to pitch an explosive proposal to the publishing world.

1)  Danny has essentially created a mural for the book.  Segments of the mural, as well as the individual components that comprise the whole, can be viewed at the link below.  Danny is wrapping up work on round 2 of the creative process for the book art and has generated yet another landslide of images for the project.


We are talking about having 24″ x 36″ posters of his mural printed and folded in such a way that they can be used as mailing packaging.  The agent, then, will open his/her mailbox and see what appears to be an envelope with an assault of art on the front and back.  Ideally, the whole thing would be shrink-wrapped or polybagged to preserve the integrity of the materials.  The mailing labels could be on the outside of the plastic.  Upon removing the curious art from the plastic packaging, the agent would be surprised to discover it unfolds to reveal a poster of collossal creativity.  Nestled in the folds of the poster would be the requisite pitch materials (i.e. the query letter, the chapter-by-chapter synopsis, sample chapters, etc.).  How could an agent ignore such a pitch?

2)  To do this, we have talked about enrolling in an online fundraising platform (http://www.kickstarter.com/) that would enable you, the faithful masses, to participate in funding the printing of this poster.  To reward contributors, we might be able to offer copies of the poster and/or PDFs of the book in its purest form, prior to external editor intervention.  There is also the possibility of offering hard copies of the finished book to contributors, provided the publisher is on board with such an idea in the end.  All of this is really just a matter of brainstorming at this point.

What do you think?  Contribute your comments to our cyber suggestion box below.  I realize getting a book published is an immensely challenging endeavor, but we do not plan to let that stop us.  I think Danny and I have created something special:  A children’s book for adults that is, at its core, a semi-autobiographical work of creative nonfiction.  It is a collection of essays that play unashamed on the playground of the mind.  It is (drum roll) The Stained Glass Kaleidoscope: Essays at Play in the Churchyard of the Mind.