I failed reading in 4th grade. If I fail as a writer, at least I will be consistent!

Welcome to my new blog, which my brother-in-law Matt Damon brought to life.  He is the IT wizard behind the curtain in my blog land of Oz.  Thank you Matt, and thank you to all of you who are helping me realize my dream of writing my very own book.   It is called The Stained Glass Kaleidoscope: Essays at Play in the Churchyard of the Mind, and it is nearing completion.  Of course, I have been saying that for some time now.  But I mean it each time I say it.

I hope to post photographs from Katie Damon’s (http://rubylanephotography.com/) author photo shoot soon, as well as samples of Danny J. Gibson’s (www.djgdesign.com) artwork for the project.