For your enjoyment and/or torture, I present you with a PDF of a paper I wrote on artist Henry Darger during the Spring 2007 semester of my time as a doctoral student at the University of Kansas. It is titled Imaginary Collateral: An Analysis of Henry Darger’s Religious Predictions and Threats. I wrote it for a Religious Studies course I was taking at the time, which was part of my effort to study theology and film in tandem.

After bailing out of the sinking ship that was the KU Film Department, I decided to incorporate the story of Henry Darger into my book in a chapter titled Minds and Mops: Custodians of Creativity. It is by far the longest essay in the book, and it explores how human creativity relates to the Creator.

Right-Click to Download “Imaginary Collateral” PDF

My wonderful wife Becki and I visited the reconstructed site of Henry Darger’s room at Intuit in Chicago in September of 2008.  Here are the photos of what we saw: