Punch-Drunk Love Paper (Right-Click and “Save Target as” to Download)

The ability to suck the joy right out of a film is a super power possessed by most film students.  For a time I was one of those joy destroyers, but I had to leave the flock.  For your enjoyment and/or joy destruction I have provided a download of one of the papers I wrote while I was a film student.  It is titled Beginning to See the Light: Signs of Transformation in P.T. Anderson’s Punch-Drunk Love.  If you have never seen this film, you really should.  It is not an Adam Sandler film even though he is in it.  The whole affair is loaded with blue lens flares and other colors, the likes of which are common to the most delirious of dreams.  Enjoy the read, and let me know your thoughts on the film and the paper alike if you have the time.