My sister-in-law Katie Damon has been developing as an artist in her own metaphorical darkroom.  She is growing in leaps and bounds as a photographer, adding new toys to her stable of photographic goodies and playing with them with the enthusiasm of a child.  In my estimation, this is how it should be when it comes to creativity.  One should create for the joy of creating, and Katie is certainly doing this.  Below is one of the promotional photos she took of me that I intend to include among the materials I send to potential agents when the time is right to begin shopping my book.

I wanted the shot to be visually busy, packed with information, and yet capable of establishing a mood that is in line with the tone of the book, its objectives, etc.  She delivered exactly what I wanted.

If you need wedding photos or “expecting” photos or pictures of your baby, I recommend Katie highly.  Samples of her work are available at