Art above and below by DJG Design for the forthcoming book, The Stained Glass Kaleidoscope.

Ever since I took it upon myself to wrap up work on my book by September 15th, people I see on a regular basis say the same thing whenever they see me:  “Howser book?” This means “How’s your book?” At least as far as I can tell.

Well, my book is going very well.

I have one chapter left to revise, and it is the sprawling closer known as “Minds and Mops: Custodians of Creativity.” I have held off on revising it because it is a beastly behemoth of an essay, with all sorts of arms and tentacles and antennae going every which way.  But it is also a case of saving the best for last.  It is a centerpiece of sorts even though it is the closer, and it is already fairly fine-tuned.  So going through it one more time should be something like visiting an amusement park.

The chapter is about three janitor artists (Henry Darger, James Hampton, and my book’s illustrator, Mr. Danny J. Gibson of Kansas City notoriety).  The essay presupposes that, being created in the image of God, we thereby possess something of His creative inclinations, and in the case of these three janitor artists, they clean the world by day and beautify it by night with their art.  They are stewards of ideas, images, and imaginary worlds, entrusted with keeping humanity’s creative spark free of cobwebs. It is a colorful chapter, and one I look forward to revising simply because it allows me to be more than a little creative as well.

Over the course of the next few months following the completion of the book, I will be working on drafting and revising the materials I intend to pitch at potential agents.  It will be a public exercise that will be carried out here for your amusement and advice.  I want input as I plug along on this project.  I want to know what works and what does not, and I will be asking for your opinions as things progress.

Finally, I really do need a volunteer to help me find potential agents.  My book is a semi-autobiographical work of creative nonfiction, and agencies that are looking for memoirs or nonfiction may be receptive.  Anyone who is interested in helping me will, of course, receive a free copy of the book when all is said and done, and will also be thanked profusely in the book credits.  I just need assistance in this matter – I will participate as well.  But a helper would do me a world of good!

September 15th is approaching soon.  I hope to have the book in PDF form in the hands of my designated readers/editors by October 1st.