In the fall of 1999 I was in Bruce West’s black and white film class at Missouri State University.  I found a collection of photos from that class in an old brown paper sack and decided it was high time I gave them their due on the Web.  I spent hours in the darkroom, developing these and listening to my peers talking about this newfangled phenomenon that was sweeping the Web at the time:  Napster.  I developed photo after photo in the darkroom’s vaguely red light, with some turning out better than others.  I photographed my parents, my sister, Danny J. Gibson, and anything that caught my attention.  You will note that there are no bowls of fruit present in this collection, nor have I opted for traditional nature photos.  The nature photos that are here are all about optical illusions, and are thereby more conceptual than anything else.  I remember trying really hard to make beautiful photos in this course with my manual Minolta XG7 camera.  Eleven years later I still have it, but I have completely forgotten how to use it.