Plantlers (n): Definition – When a bush thinks it is a deer.

A few months ago I trimmed the hedge in front of our house.  I gave it a flat-top.  A buzz.  Two weeks later I noticed alien antennae growing from the top of it.  There were lighter green sprouts poking out as if my hedge-trimming rampage had been a life-giving labor of love rather than something more sinister and destructive.

I decided to dub the sprouting feelers “plantlers,” and have stuck with this designation ever since.  Kate Counter at work liked this name.  My wife seemed to find it comical.

“Plantlers” is a portmanteau.  I love portmanteaus.

I want to make this word official.  I want to make it chummy with our good friend Webster.

I have other words.  But this is the word of the day.

Dear readers, would you be so kind as to use this word in a sentence today?  Perhaps if we all labor together in this, our good friend Webster will take notice.  If not, we will just call this our own private revolution.  So go up to Mum and say, “Mum, the bush out front is sproutin’ plantlers.  I’m fearful for me life, ‘ya see.”  Mum will listen.  Mums are always good listeners.

What’s that?  Too much time on my hands, you say? Not nearly enough, my friends. Not nearly enough.

When next we meet:  How can we conquer the world with creativity?  Shall we use a mallet?  A piano-tuner?  A corn cob?  What device shall unlock the wonders of world domination?