The Story of Be Bop (I’m Bored and Buried Alive)

In 2004/2005 I lived in a house with current Californian Kris Wolfe.  I produced his album From Brown to Blonde toBlack over a period of about a year and a half, spending hours in our moldy basement as a slave to the digital recording age.  

Granted, I did manage to record my Christmas album during this time as well, so it was not all time spent on the Wolfe’s album.  One of the songs that came out of this period was “Be Bop (I’m Bored and Buried Alive),” which was a send-up to our favorite Halloween hits of old, such as “The Monster Mash.”

While our song never became a graveyard smash, it did get buried by life’s busyness and the passage of time.  This morning Kris sent me a homemade slide-show for the song he posted on YouTube.

Recording “Be Bop” was a bit of a challenge.  It was up-tempo, and had all sorts of creative possibilities.  

It is a song about the captain of a high school football team pursuing the daughter of a mortician.  The mortician, being the overprotective parent he is, buries the captain alive before he can soil his daughter’s reputation.  So the song is sung by the captain from the casket underground.  His muscles cramp, he wets his pants, etc.  What else do you do when you’re buried alive?  

So we added sound effects to correspond with all of the things that happen to the captain.  Our friend and flatmate Dale Campbell (of New Zealand band Great North) contributed a blood-curdling scream to the chorus that we used over and over, and our operatic friend Johanna provided a sort of “Bride of Frankenstein” vocalization over Kris’ voice at the chorus.  Because we did not own a theremin (Gee, imagine that!), I attempted to simulate one using an Ebow and a glass slide on an electric guitar.  For the rhythm section, there were drums, a Jew’s harp, and also the sound of a pencil sliding down the slats of a shuttered wooden cabinet.  For the bridge I recorded some whispered chattering and reversed it so it sounded like backmasking.  Of course, I also recorded this Western-sounding tremelo guitar with gated echo/delay to make the song sound like it was recorded around the time of “The Monster Mash.”  I was very pleased with the end-result.  The b-side, “Decomposition in Dm” is an instrumental of sorts featuring a Didgeridoo, pitch-shifted cats meowing and eating, detuned guitars, and all sorts of other sinister sounds.  

In other words, it’s a lot of fun.  Enjoy this free Halloween-themed virtual 7″ from Kris and I!

The Slide-Show/Video

Bee Bop I’m Bored (and Buried Alive) Slideshow/Video

Download the “Be Bop (I’m Bored and Buried Alive)” Virtual 7″/45 RPM

Side A: Be Bop (I’m Bored and Buried Alive) (Right-click and “Save Target/Link as” to Download)

Side B:Decomposition in Dm (Right-click and “Save Target/Link as” to Download)

Listen to more of From Brown to Blonde to Black at

The Album Art

Below is KC artist Danny J. Gibson’s art for the album.  He managed to turn Kris Wolfe into a werewolf, thereby making the Halloween-leaning “Be Bop (I’m Bored and Buried Alive)” even more prominent on the album.  In case you cannot tell from looking at the pictures below, Danny actually spray-painted the CD jewel case with the album title colors for effect.  Who else would do this but Danny?  The boy is a slave to his unlimited imagination, which was good for us!