Here is a Christmas single from yours truly…

Side A: Winter, I Wouldn’t Know – A re-recording of a song I wrote in 1999. I love this song even though it reminds me of college heartbreak and romantic weirdness. That was my specialty for years. My wife rescued me from a life of Cupidic chaos and confusion (if “Cupidic” is even a word).

Side B: Summer, My Fair One – A seasonal flipside to the wintry a-side.  Sparse as late autumn’s chill, and haunting as winter’s underbelly, but ultimately warm in sentiment.  Like hot cocoa by the fireplace on a subzero night.

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas (for the 47th time this month).

Winter, I Wouldn’t Know by Saint_Upid

Summer, My Fair One by Saint_Upid