Like the “Rudolph the Middle-Aged Reindeer” drawing from Monday, this doodle was drawn by Mr. Mark Montgomery of Springfield, MO.

I sent him the idea, simply saying “I want a cartoon where Heaven and nature sing – like in ‘Joy to the World’ – but they’re singing the worst song of all time: Smash Mouth’s ‘All Star.’ Everyone is completed terrified because it’s just an awful song.”  Mark drew it up and infused it with his own creativity. The shepherd is intentionally Charles M. Schulzian (his idea). Of his creation, Mark says:

There is a spot on the cow that looks like the face of Jesus because I always think it’s funny when that kind of thing makes the news. Plus Jesus was just born so nobody would get it at the time- ironic? One Charlie Brown-type shepherd is running, pulling his hair out, and one is stabbing himself with a pitchfork. The stable doubles as a garage with a star neon sign on top and that is where we got the name ‘Nativity.’ The brand of truck in the garage is ‘manger.’ The inn is a play on ‘Sleep Inn’ and other creative small-town motel names. ‘Schlep’ is the Yiddish word for walk or carry or stumble (or something) that New Yorkers say all the time. I imagine the inn has a continental breakfast including Einstein Bagels. Otherwise there is general mayhem in response to the overplayed 90’s hit song being sung karaoke-style (or belched?) by heaven and nature- including a giant hole in the earth joining in.

See Mark’s work at  Work, Mark, work!