This is the first time this week I have felt healthy enough to create something. Mostly, I have felt utterly crummy. My vocal chords have been caked with phlegm much as mountains are caked with snow.

The resolution of this card may or may not be what I want, but I am no techno-wizard. I just doodle and write and create and frighten children. That is my calling.

The picture below, or at least the “Little Drummer Boy” title at the top, is an homage to one of the covers created for an edition of Flannery O’Connor’s Wise Blood.

The rest of the image was inspired by the Picture Bible I received when I was a child. ┬áIt was something like a graphic novel version of the Bible. It might hold an interesting position in the midst of today’s graphic novel craze if the right people promoted it to the right crowd. I still have it.

You know you will be singing “Pah-rum-pah-PUM-PUM” for the rest of the day now, right?