I drew this in a meeting yesterday at work. I can never pay attention unless my hands are doodling. My mind is too fast, too restless, and too hungry to sit still for long. It is a ravenous beast anxiously awaiting its next meal of ideas. That being said, I like my latest drawing, and I have my own interpretation of what it “means.” But for the next two weeks, you will have a chance to a) caption the drawing or b) explain its meaning to the best of your ability. It is open to interpretation, obviously. It is titled “Pollution: Zot!” as the picture suggests. Whoever provides the strongest caption will win a print of the art signed by yours truly with a silver Sharpie marker. ALL CAPTIONS AND/OR INTERPRETATIONS SHOULD APPEAR IN THE COMMENTS SECTION BELOW THE DRAWING. I will announce the winner on Monday, February 14th – Valentine’s Day! At that time, I will also explain my own interpretation of the drawing. Have at it, and may the best writer win!