Kansas City’s greatest unsung son, Danny J. Gibson, is a future and present great in the art world. He has been interviewed by NPR, featured in numerous magazines, had his works published in books all over the world, lectured at universities, and made over 2,000 pieces of art. He is only 32. Then there is his obsessive photography: He is on the verge of singlehandedly capsizing Flickr with over 24,000 images posted. Below is his story, Pank Catalac, which chronicles a confusing conversation he had with his wife Millie. This post is also available at his site, www.djgdesign.com. Visit his site and explore a virtual art gallery of handcrafted visions. He is going to be big someday. Follow him on Twitter @DJGKCMOUSA.

She: “Can you go to the store after work and get a block of cheese. Pank Catalac. Get a small thing of Vanilla ice cream too.”

Me: “Oh, there is a cheese called PANK CATALAC? Weird, that’s kinda like ‘PINK CADILLAC,’ the Boss song! Ha! Weird. Anyway, where do I find this cheese? I’ve never heard of it. Do I find it in the cheese aisle or have to ask for it special from the Deli counter?”

She: “Yeah, and get the ice cream too. Thanks.”


I wrote down “PANK CATALAC” in red on a scrap of paper and under it “vanilla ice cream” and all day long I carried it in my shirt pocket. All day with a search engine in sight/site and I still pondered how to spot “PANK CATALAC” cheese. I worried that I wouldn’t be able to find it at the store.

= = =

She called me later as she was off work, typical 3:33pm call. I was busy per that moment and couldn’t talk and she said that was “OK” and that she’d talk to me at home later.


I called back anyway when I got some time away from my desk about fifteen minutes later.

Me: “Sorry ‘bout that.”

She: “It’s OK. Don’t forgot to go the store.”

Me: “Yeah, I know. How big a block of cheese should I get? Do I have to ask for it specially or something?”

She: “What? Small block. Get a small block of Cheddar. You know!?”

Me: “But, you wanted me to find PANK CATALAC cheese? NOT Cheddar. Do I ask for PANK CATALAC at the Deli counter? Does it come in blocks or slices?”

She:  “What?”

Me: “Earlier you told me to find a cheese called PANK CATALAC. You did. I even wrote it down and have been pondering it all day long in my front pocket. I can show it to you later. Where do I find this cheese at again?”

She: “Uh? Oh. NO! PINK CADILLAC was on the radio when I typed that!

The End. -djg