Opie never saw this side of Andy. I doubt you have either.

In Elia Kazan’s Face in the Crowd, Andy Griffith plays a power-hungry singer-songwriter who would scoff at the mention of Mayberry.

Interested yet?

On Sunday, February 13th at First Baptist Church (Fear not, we are not Baptists in the Fred Phelps sense) in Lawrence, KS, we will be screening this controversial classic as part of our ongoing, monthly film course, Sanctuary of the Cinema.

Start Time: 6:30 p.m.

Location: First Baptist Church, 1330 Kasold Drive, Lawrence, KS 66049. We will screen the film in the Judson room adjacent to the sanctuary itself.

Our film screening protocol is as follows: We watch a film and discuss it afterward in terms of its theological importance. It is one thing to read about Jesus saying we should deny ourselves and follow Him, and another to see a character either embody this ethos or defy it blatantly. The teachings of Christ are all too often relegated to the periphery of our lives, so familiar to us that they become like antique objects in a room that have value but no immediacy or importance in the present moment, where we live on the brink of decisions constantly.

Sanctuary of the Cinema teaches students of the cinema to see the sacred in the everyday – even in the profane. It challenges viewers to emerge from the confines of the theater with new eyes. When we look at life through those eyes, we hope to see and love our neighbors better. We hope to see our own strengths and weaknesses with greater clarity. We hope to love God and others despite the red tape, despite our reservations, despite our phobias, despite our prejudices, and ultimately, despite ourselves.

I say all of this encourage you to come to FBC on February 13th at 6:30 for a screening of Face in the Crowd. Bring some aspirin. You will need it when your mind is blown.

First Baptist is a CVLI-licensed church.