My agent Jenée is such a gem. She gave me a few days off from revising my manuscript, and I am enjoying them. I am also looking forward to diving back into it and passing it onto her ASAP. In a variation of the Billy Ocean song, I can only sing, “Get outta’ my nightmares, manuscript, and into my agent’s hands.”

I found this writing class assignment from 1989 and thought it was hilarious enough to post. I was a huge Jose Canseco fan. As a 6th grader I collected all of his baseball cards and talked about him and Mark McGwire constantly. The Oakland A’s used to be the Kansas City A’s, after all, and I lived in Odessa, MO, only 30 minutes away from Kansas City.

My main question about his essay remains, “Why did I think Jose Canseco was ‘funny,’ ‘nice,’ and even ‘smart?'” What did he ever do to demonstrate these things to me? It cracks me up that I seem to have randomly assigned these attributes to him. Why not add other random things like, “He collects ponies” or “His favorite food is Schnitzel”?