Inspired by @WritRams’ post. Thanks for reminding me of this inexplicable game.

When my sister Alyssa and I were smallish, we played a game called “Washer Washer, Dryer Dryer.” It made sense to our candy-addled kiddie brains, but as we grew up, we both realized it made no sense whatsoever. We tried to explain it to other people – heck, we tried to explain it to each other – but we only walked away confused.

I will try to explain it now, but I am sure I will come up empty-handed. If nothing else though, I figure this will at least be a little bit entertaining for you, the reader.

1) Alyssa and I would sit on the floor, facing one another with our legs outstretched in front of us, the bottoms of my feet pressed against hers. The space between our legs made a shape like this on the floor: <> Nothing could get in or out of that space.

2)  Once in position, one of us would take a big, rubber bouncy ball of sorts – the size of a kickball, if I remember correctly – and say, “Washer washer, dryer dryer.” After speaking these words, the ball-holder would then touch the ball to the floor multiple times while making shushing noises with his or her mouth. I suppose we were trying to simulate the sound of a washer as it cleansed clothes a big, rubber bouncy ball.

3) After saying “Washer washer, dryer dryer – Shhh! Shhh! Shhh!”, the ball-holder would then roll the ball across the floor to the other person. I should emphasize that we could only roll the ball across the floor between our legs. This was crucial.

4) The other person would then likewise say “Washer washer, dryer dryer – Shhh! Shhh! Shhh!” and then roll the ball back to other person.

Rinse (the big, rubber bouncy ball) and repeat.

This was our game. Does it make sense to you? Am I missing something? What was the point of it? Why did we do it? Could someone please explain this game to me?

My conclusion: My sister and I were imbeciles, and it is a miracle either of us have a) spouses, b) jobs, or c) the ability to use the English language.