It is difficult to effectively photograph a piece of art that is eight-feet wide. But Dakno Gurpson’s (Left) art for my book, The Stained-Glass Kaleidoscope, is eye-popping enough (at least in my estimate) that, until we get a professional to shoot this artistic albatross, the picture below will suffice.

I told Dakno I wanted the art to resemble the explosion of ideas that characterizes the writing in the book. He accordingly created the indie equivalent of Michelangelo’s Sistene Chapel and painted it on the ceiling of my skull for all of the gawking visitors who will tour my gray matter upon reading the book.

My Seattle-based lionhearted agentess Jenée Arthur continues to pitch the book to major publishing houses. She has been at it for a few weeks now.

Kansas City-based Dakno Gurpson, known until last week as Danny J. Gibson, recently folded his graphic design enterprise of ten years, DJG Design, LLC. His new Web site is up and running, like a star of track and field.

Unless you are the sort of simpering simian who enjoys chewing Saltine crackers until they become a paste in your mouth, you are likely to find Mr. Gurpstan’s Web site highly enjoyable.

Even more so, you will appreciate the downloadable, highly portable document below, which appears courtesy of Mr. Gurpstan. Gurpstan and his wife Millie live in Kansas City with their three cats, Porchie, Shadow, and Gangy.

DJG Pictorial History (To Download, Right-Click and “Save Target As”)