I designed the blog header below for Virginia’s own Amanda Lynch yesterday. And yes, her baby really did eat foil. Read Amanda’s blog entry about this incident here.

I met Amanda on Twitter awhile back and, after becoming familiar with her writing style, I asked her to collaborate with me on my next book project, as I thought her voice would suit the work I had in mind. The work in question is influenced by multiple sources: Madeleine L’Engle, C. S. Lewis‘s Space Trilogy, the dark humor of Stephin Merritt and his bands the Magnetic Fields and the Gothic Archies, the film Labyrinth, and probably a number of Young Adult sci-fi authors I read when I was younger, like William Sleator (specifically his book The Boy Who Reversed Himself) and Piers Anthony.

If I could invent a genre to define the approach of the book, it would be Theological Young Adult Sci-Fi, which is probably enough of a mouthful to make you want to wretch. But it is what it is. Fear not though: It will not be a heavy-handed book wherein characters parrot preachy platitudes and pound the pulpit of the page with punishing pugnacity. Rather, it will be a dizzy, delightful dramatization of faith. It is not about outer space, but inner space – and I do not mean it is about the interior of the human body like in Joe Dante’s 1987 film Innerspace, which stars Dennis Quaid, Martin Short, and Meg Ryan, among others. It is going to be whimsical and weird and woozy and wonderful, like hitting your head and seeing stars afterward. And I mean that in the best way possible.

Amanda and I have been brainstorming over email, Skype, and Google chat for the past three weeks, as we want this story to absolutely destroy. Based on a plot synopsis, my agent has already expressed interest in shopping the work when we are done. Wish Amanda and I luck as we embark on our writing journey together. We hope to bring the brainstorming to a halt in the next week, and actually begin the work of writing the blasted thing. I can hardly wait. Follow Amanda on Twitter at @thebookprincess.