You would think we’d know we’re having a girl because the sonogram technician said, “You’re having a girl!” But no. That’s not what happened.

When the sonogram feed focused on our child’s nether regions, Becki, being the knowledgeable medical practitioner she is, looked at the screen and said, “Hamburger buns! There’s the hamburger buns! It’s a girl!”

And the sonogram technician said, “Yep!”

Because apparently boys have, ahem, wieners, and girls have … hamburger buns???

I thought this was hilarious, and we were both overjoyed. We had been wanting to name our baby Evangeline (Evie for short) so badly that I think we would’ve named a boy the same thing and told him to just suck it up. “Call yourself Evan. Get over it, son.”

We cannot wait to meet little Evie and tell her about the birds, the bees, and the hamburger buns.