The A-Side: I wrote “You Brighten the Room” for my friend Traci in the year 2000. People always used to ask me to write songs for them, and I obliged on many occasions because music was pretty much the only thing I did at the time, recreationally speaking. I have recorded it at least 5 separate times trying to capture the sound I wanted. This is the 5th attempt, produced by Matt Fillingham, and remixed and remastered by me earlier this week. I lost this recording a few years back and rediscovered the master files for the individual instrument tracks in an old CD folder.

One of my friends said it was the most boring song he had ever heard, which I took as a compliment, as this piece was intended to be a lullaby of sorts. It was inspired, at least on some level, by the band Low. Before writing this, I read somewhere that Low had a unique knack for celebrating the spaces between the notes in their music, providing something like a safe place for the listener to hide in, and I liked that.

The B-Side: Last year I found a 2001 demo of “You Brighten the Room.” It was recorded digitally and produced by Scott Newton in St. Louis, MO, but the transfer is from a cassette, as we lost the digital masters. I like this version of the song, but prefer the 2004 Matt Fillingham recording/2011 Remaster version. I figured both versions were worth sharing. I hope you enjoy them.

You Brighten the Room by Saint_Upid

You Brighten the Room (Demo, 2001) by Saint_Upid