My new friend Ben Chlapek inspired me to record an Elliott Smith song. I’ve long loved his unreleased “Stained-Glass Eyes,” and thought it would be fun to record. It was, as it turned out. Fingerpicked guitar, double-tracked vocals (per Elliott’s example), and an organ flesh out the soundscape. Nice and simple. Hope you enjoy it.

It is worth mentioning that Ben, whom I met through Mr. Danny J. Gibson, is quite the artist himself. He designed the poster below for Elliott Smith‘s “King’s Crossing” for The Indie-Rock Poster Book, which is discussed here.

Ben also records and releases lo-fi keyboard-driven music – in MP3 and cassette form, no less – under the moniker Neatly Knotted. Get his EP, Sore Throat City, for FREE here.

Stained-Glass Eyes (Elliott Smith Cover) by Saint_Upid