My latest piece, “Indoor Smoke Signals,” is available for reading at the (a)Musing Foodie blog, which is hosted by the Liza Hawkins – the Interweb’s preeminent charmer where chowing down is concerned. So do yourself a favor. Read the article here and then follow Liza on Twitter here.

An excerpt:

My sister and I would’ve noticed the smoke, but we were engaged in a feisty bout of fisticuffs. It was one of those moments where parents are not present, and the children realize they are only a folding chair away from being able to carry out a full-blown wrestling match without any kind of reprimand.

Yes, we would’ve noticed the smoke, but it was Grandma and Grandpa’s house, and not ours. Maybe there was always smoke whenever Grandma cooked Thanksgiving dinner. Thanks to Smokey the Bear, Alyssa and I only knew smoke was in some way related to forest fires, and we were not in a forest, so we were okay.