As Becki and I returned from Arizona yesterday and the airline stewardesses made me shut off my Kindle because it was apparently capable of interfering with the pilots’ headset chatter, I amused myself with Skymall magazine. Apparently there is a mall in the sky. I fear my wife will discover it and want to go shoe shopping there. I also fear that, like Han Solo, we will be captured and encased in carbonite by Darth Vader shortly after arriving in this Bespin-like world in the clouds.

All irrational fears aside though, I found a typo in Skymall magazine, and it was a source of much laughter for Becki and me. Can you find it?

For the remaining duration of the trip we used this new word.

“I never worry about my spouse. But I worry constantly about what my spuse is doing. My spuse is a no-good, dirty tramp.”

“I really think we need to spruce up our yard. Of course, if we can’t do that, perhaps we can spuse it up. Next best thing, of course.”

The tagline for the ad is quite ironic, don’t you think? Outsmart Their Smartphone. In order to outsmart a smartphone, I’m pretty sure you need to be able to spell. A diabolical device in the hands of a dimwitted operator is useless.

I can understand finding typos in a lengthy manuscript, but in a one-page ad? C’mon! The people at Brickhouse Security need to practice some typo Tae Bo.

What’s the most memorable typo you have ever happened upon?