Download the Poster Above here. Make it the computer screen wallpaper on your boss’s laptop. He’ll fire you, but he’ll also thank you.

Consider this Web page an invitation to an audiovisual feast. The hands that prepared the meal are visible above. If not for the art of Danny J. Gibson, there would be no feast.

The feast I write of is twofold: For a decade, Danny created art for musicians – album covers, event posters, and logos, among others. Now those artists are paying tribute to Danny with a free, downloadable 35-song album titled DJG Was Here. These bands have contributed their own songs to a sonic smörgåsbord for your ears, my friends. Just make sure you keep your ears shut when they’re chewing, please.

The second part of the feast is an exhibit of Danny’s posters titled “Quietly Contributing – Poster Art of DJG Design,” which opened September 2 and will be available FOR ONE MORE FINAL FRIDAY IN NOVEMBER at 1819 Central Event Space + Gallery in the Crossroads Arts District in Kansas City. The exhibit features a formidable four-hundred posters by Danny.

“Who is this Danny J. Gibson fellow?”, you ask. Visit his Web site here, and behold a million mysterious wonders, the likes of which have not been seen by human eyes since the reign of Herbert Hoover.


Oh right – the free 35-song album. I almost forgot. But you didn’t, did you? It appears courtesy of Click the album cover below to visit the download site.

If you find yourself listening to the bands and thinking, “Who are these people?”, visit the DJG LP A-to-Z page here for band bios.


If you like the album, you should download the acoustic version of Thom Hoskins’s extraordinary “Retrospect on Repeat,” which actually namedrops DJG. Download it exclusively below.

My “Air Raid Mix” of “Wrecked Ships, Crashed Planes” is also downloadable below, and it is simply a noisier version of the song that appears on DJG Was Here. Better put: It is the version of the song that made my friend Tim’s eyebrows raise like curious caterpillars when I told him, “I meant for the song to sound like that!”

 Thom Hoskins – Retrospect on Repeat (Acoustic) by Saint_Upid

 Chad Thomas Johnston – Wrecked Ships Crashed Planes (Air Raid Mix) by Saint_Upid

New Addresses – Mischief by Saint_Upid

New Addresses used to make lo-fi pop in a basement in St. Louis.  Now they don’t.  You can hear what they did at



Not sure where the gallery is? Then you’re in the same sinking boat as me. I live in Lawrence, KS, which is worlds away from this mythical “Kansas City” place, which may as well be Oz. When I visit the exhibit, I will probably plug the information below into my magical GPS device and let my monotone robot friend tell me how to get there.

1819 Central Event Space + Gallery
Crossroads Arts District
1819 Central St.
Kansas City, MO 64108

P: 816.200.3417

The gallery’s official Web site is:



If you are a member of the media, you have come to the right location for information, downloads, and other event goodies.

Need a press release? If I haven’t already clogged up your Inbox with one, consider this the perfect opportunity to snag a digital copy for yourself. Click on the image below, and enjoy the document in PDF format. 

Need a Digital Press Kit? You’re in luck! We actually have one for you, featuring a Virtual Rolodex of contacts for people who will talk to you about Danny, a collection of quotable quotes about Danny’s work, band bios, and lots more! Click on the image below, and enjoy the document in PDF format. 

Need a Picture of Danny? Choose from any of these. High-resolution photos can be downloaded from any of the links below courtesy of Flickr. Did I mention that Danny is on the verge of capsizing the Internet? He has posted over 30,000 images to Flickr.

Curtain, Shot by DJG. Starfish, Shot by DJG. Kitty, Shot by 5-year-old Cayla Kennedy. Melt, Shot by DJG. Legs, Shot by MMG (Danny’s wife).


Chad Thomas Johnston

Publicist / Music Compilation Curator

Twitter: @Saint_Upid


Danny J. Gibson

 PO Box 5897 / Kansas City, MO  USA  64111




Download the poster below here. Print it out. Hang it on your wall. Hang it on your friends’ walls. They won’t mind. They might stop being your friends, but it’s a great poster, so who cares?