My friend Jackie asked me to draw “sock monkeys licking wallpaper,” and since there was a paycheck involved, I didn’t ask any questions. It was like working for the mafia.

I sketched the basic image out at a meeting during work (as always), and then created about 3 different drafts of the final graphic at home. Jackie likes it, and when the client is pleased, I am pleased. I still have no idea why the sock monkey is licking wallpaper – the glue that makes the paper adhere to the wall probably has meth-like properties in the system of a sock monkey. Just my guess.

In case you are behind the curve and do not follow Jackie’s blog, you should. She is certifiably hilarious, and just plain certifiable as well. Follow the rise of her empire on Twitter: Her address is @WritRams. Visit her at: She is also responsible for the Prime Parent Club, for which I am an official music reviewer. 

Enjoy the derangement.