DJG Was Here is a free, 35-track album that is free to the public. Download it at here.

Below you will find all secrets made public regarding the musicians who have contributed to this epic project.

The posters that appear below can be viewed, along with about ten billion other posters by Danny here.

DJG Was Here: Music Bios

The ACBs “My Face”

Konnor Ervin “Bottled Water” – Exclusive

CTJ says, “Konnor Ervin’s ‘Bottled Water’ was the first song we received for DJG Was Here, and it made us feel like this compilation was going to be something special right away. It is airy, intimate, lovingly lo-fi, and inescapably melodic. It will chase your brain and roll around inside your skull like clothes in a dryer if you let it.” When Konnor is not drowning his sorrows in bottled water, he is singing for the ACBs.

Of the ACBs, We Listen for You (Blog) says, “This is pure indie rock, a wormhole of sound bringing my ears back to the days of Pavement, The Pixies, early Of Montreal, and Portishead. I haven’t heard indie rock sound so uninhibited and planted in the early concepts of the genre like this (in The ACBs) since the wonderful Aqueduct record I Sold Gold (2005). The sound on the new ACBs album Stona Rosa is raw and driven by the marriage of traditional rock instruments that bounce off each other. It feels weird writing this, but it’s refreshing to have a lead singer’s vocals up front and untouched by layers and layers of effects. Flawlessness is often times boring, and it’s bands like The ACBs that embrace the garage band (not the program) sound without sacrificing any aspect of their final product. Track after track, The ACBs present some of the best music I’ve heard all year.”

. . . . . . . . . .

Ruairidh Anderson “Here Comes Charlie Brown!”

In a moment of divine inspiration, London-based songwriter Ruairidh Anderson decided that he would start a project: 52 songs over 52 weeks, written, recorded and released every 7 days from June 1st 2010 based on real characters and events from London’s Old East End. All songs are also preceded by a video, providing some background on just what he’s going on about. Material is freely available to download at

. . . . . . . . . .

Dan Billen “Let a Dreamer Dream” – Exclusive

Dan Billen was one of the founders of the rock band The Billions (1999-2009). Not only a musician, Dan is also an award-winning illustrator and graphic designer. He currently is an art director at Jones Huyett Partners, a full-service ad agency, and serves on the board of directors of the Mulvane Art Museum. Dan and his wife, Rosa, live in Topeka, Kansas, with their three kids: Isaac (7), Flora (4) and Tula (1).

. . . . . . . . . .

Sam Billen “Seventeen” – Exclusive

Sam Billen is a busy man. Between raising his baby daughter with his wife, working full time at the University of Kansas, teaching ESL at Washburn University, and running a music production business, FourBigWatts (, with his friend Christopher Tolle, he somehow finds plenty of time to dedicate to his passion – making music that moves. Follow Sam on Facebook or keep up with his most recent musical projects at

. . . . . . . . . .

Lee Bozeman “Mea Culpa”

Lee Bozeman is reluctant to quit making music. Having been the primary singer and songwriter for the band Luxury, which began in 1991, as well as releasing solo records under the names All Things Bright and Beautiful, Orient Is His Name and, most recently as himself, it’s difficult for him to hang it up, so to speak. Waste some time at

. . . . . . . . . .

Builder “Summertime Motorik #1”

Mike Crawford has lived in Kansas City since the mid ‘90s. He fronted the band Builder from 2000-2006. During that time, DJG did some show posters for the band. Mike is currently the worship pastor at Jacob’s Well Church in midtown Kansas City. He’s been making music there & recording local artists in his studio for the past 10 years. He also dabbles in electronic music, which is what you’re hearing on this comp. He likes to have a burrito with Mr. Danny J. Gibson once a month.

. . . . . . . . . .

Micah Buzan “Phantoms” – Exclusive

Micah Buzan is a Kansas City born Artist/Musician. He draws funky, surrealistic animations and writes music inspired by insects, ancient myths, and dreams. He plays and records everything by himself and produces his hand-drawn animations on an almost broken 11-year-old Dell Computer.

. . . . . . . . . .

Brian Carlstrom / FeedBackarach “The Experts Say You’re Ill”

Brian Carlstrom is a failed musician from Springfield, Missouri who now works as a linguist in Asia. He owes much to DJG: for friendship, for inspiration, for exposure to new sounds, but mostly for stories like the one where the cop pulled up to try and help he and Danny while the two of them were towing Danny’s car to the dump, and then just said, “I see you boys have a chain.”

Brian’s most recent partners in music were Kyleen King, Dave Jones, and Matt Lewis. Together they formed a band called FeedBackarach and opened FeedBackarach Recording Studios, originally in Olympia, Washington, but now located in Portland, Oregon. If you want to know more about the music or the studio, go to:,, and

The track for this DJG compilation was recorded in Nashville, TN, when FeedBackarach was called Space Plans.

. . . . . . . . . .

Darling at Sea “Sleepwalk”

CTJ says, “The members of Darling at Sea did not send me a bio, so I am left to intuit what I can from this song, and from what Danny has said about them. This track is decidedly from the shoegazer camp, somewhere between Slowdive and Longwave. Skeletal, but drizzled with just the right amount of atmospheric syrup.”

. . . . . . . . . .

Elevator Division “Ritual” – Exclusive

Elevator Division existed from 1999-2005.  During that time they recorded three full-length albums and played with Weezer, Cake, The All-American Rejects, Pete Yorn, Glen Phillips, The Secret Machines, Embrace, Pedro The Lion, Cursive, Starflyer 59, Rocky Votolato, and many, many others. Elevator Division’s last album, “Years” (2004), was released on Second Nature Recordings, to critical acclaim. It can be purchased at The song “Ritual” is a previously unreleased B-side from “Years,” featuring cousins Sam Hoskins (drums) and lead singer/songwriter James Hoskins (vocals/guitar/bass/keys).  James carries on the rich musical legacy of Elevator Division with his new project, Pro & Contra (found elsewhere on DJG Was Here).

. . . . . . . . . .

The Elms “The Towers and the Trains” (Alternate Version) – Exclusive

Courtesy of Wikipedia: The Elms were an American Christian rock band known for their breed of rootsy, blues-based rock, with the essence of the music of the ‘60s and ‘70s. Although the band had been in existence since 2000, 2001 saw the release of their first full-length album, with the first musical contribution from Thomas Daugherty on guitar. Thus, 2001 is widely considered The Elms’ first fully functional year in existence. Some members reside in the southern Indiana city of Seymour.The Elms have drawn stylistic comparisons to The Black Crowes, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, The Kinks, and The Beatles.

The Elms released their major-label debut album, The Chess Hotel, on May 2, 2006. The band’s final album, The Great American Midrange, was released on September 15, 2009. It peaked at #18 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart, and was The Elms’ highest-charting album to date. The only officially released single from The Great American Midrange was the song “Back To Indiana,” and the track’s music video premiered online in November 2009. On June 1, 2010, the band announced via its Web site that it would disband in July 2010.

. . . . . . . . . .


Thom Hoskins “Retrospect on Repeat” – Exclusive

I play locally on and off. I have also toured internationally as well as regionally. Here is a list of bands I have played for: Language, The People (for one show, I also appeared on their debut record. I played the Moog on the title track “The Premise is the Sound”), (the recently retired) Buffalo Saints, The Belles (playing percussion, guitars and backing vocals for Chris Tolle) and The Blackpool Lights as a touring musician playing guitar and backing vocals for Jim Suptic). Last summer as Blackpool Lights’ U. S. tour came to an end I decided I wanted to write and record a solo record. But before I started writing I got married to a wonderful woman and we have a brilliant daughter together named Iola. I feel that I have never been more focused on my work. I am happy to have an amount of control. I PLAN ON MAKING MANY MORE RECORDS. Thanks to all who listen. (An acoustic version of this song is available as a free download here.)

. . . . . . . . . .

Beau Jennings “White Whale of the Plains”

In the midst of working on follow-up albums to both his 2008 album Holy Tulsa Thunder and Cheyenne’s 2007 album The Whale, Beau Jennings found himself with a collection of songs that didn’t seem to fit either new project. They weren’t aggressive like the latest Cheyenne material in the works, nor were they part of the conceptual framework of the new solo album. They instead seemed to return to some of the sounds and ideas from Cheyenne’s first album I Am Haunted, I Am Alive – in other words they were stories, strummed slowly and sung lowly.

There was “Play Like A Champion,” with the narrator’s inner voice offering something perhaps recognizable as motivation; “Raining Ashes,” based on the events of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake; “Start Swingin’,” the story of a desperate minor league baseball player; “Another Way To Pay,” the imagined ending to the Arrow Trucking saga (you can look it up here); and “A Suit Never Lies” and “White Whale of The Plains,” where the lines between the weather and religion seem to be blurry at best.

Rather than fleshing out each song in the studio with a full band, these songs were instead performed with just vocals and guitar, over an early October weekend at Beau’s Brooklyn apartment, and were left to stand on their own. The result is Beau’s second official solo release, simply titled Six Stories.

. . . . . . . . . .

Chad Thomas Johnston “Wrecked Ships, Crashed Planes” – Exclusive

Chad Thomas Johnston is an author, sonuva’ preacha’ man, PhD-dropout, singer/songwriter, amateur music producer/sonic reducer, daydreaming doodler, guerilla/gorilla publicist, cinemaddict, & pop-culture obsessive. He is represented by Seattle, WA-based literary agent Jenée Arthur, who is currently shopping his manuscript, The Stained Glass Kaleidoscope: Essays at Play in the Churchyard of the Mind, to major publishing houses. Chad is happily married to Rebekah Christine, and lives in Lawrence, KS with his wife and five cats. Chad and Rebekah look forward to welcoming Baby Evie into the fracas of their frantic fold in October 2011.

Useless factoid: Chad used public domain recordings of bunker-bomb explosions for accent percussion in “Wrecked Ships, Crashed Planes,” which Chad wrote for DJG in 2002. The leaves in Danny’s soul were changing colors at the time – as Danny himself often says – and Chad wrote a redemptive lullaby for him. Then Chad discovered the EBow and the Jesus and Mary Chain’s Psychocandy LP, and he decided the song needed to be a little louder than a lullaby.

. . . . . . . . . .

Bryan Lamanno “Reckon My Soul” – Exclusive / Tambourine Club “Kansas City” (Demo) – Exclusive

The Tambourine Club is an eclectic musical group led by Bryan Lamanno, whose music spans multiple genres including psychedelia, pop, alt-rock, electronica, alt-country, and experimental music, amongst others. The outfit has done pretty well for themselves getting to play shows with some great national/international acts such as Band of Skulls, Deer Tick, The Whigs, Those Darlins, 22-20’s, etc. Bryan Lamanno has been the band’s only constant member and sole songwriter thus far, with lineups usually changing for each string of shows. In August 2011 the Club released an EP titled Lo-Fi Feeling.

. . . . . . . . . .

Little Birds of Los Angeles “Transhumanism” – Exclusive

Mammal Moon “Mushroom Song” – Exclusive

Rob Strong of the Little Birds of Los Angeles and Mammal Moon introduced me (CTJ) to Radiohead’s OK Computer and Jeff Buckley’s Grace LPs. Not long afterward, I met Danny and found out he was already digesting OK Computer on his own, but I got to help introduce him to Grace. So Danny and I both owe a great musical debt to Rob. Of Danny, Rob once said, “The Boy! I miss the Boy! He has the most infinite poetic soul!”

. . . . . . . . . .

Mail-Order Midgets “Trolley” – Exclusive

“I was young and I needed the money.” – Nartan.

. . . . . . . . . .

Mannequin Skywalker “Pages of My Mind” – Exclusive

Mannequin Skywalker is the brainchild – playmate – alter ego of former Elevator Division guitarist (Second Nature) / Lovers In Transit front man, Jeremiah James. A mysterious entity, with a revolving cast of all-star KC members to help make it live, Mannequin Skywalker takes dark repetitive rhythm with sparse vocals into a familiar place not so familiar to some. Where does your mind go? James currently moonlights as multi-instrumentalist/vocalist in KC prog outfit Be/Non (Unipegadong Records) as well as drummer for synth heavy hauntlords Umberto (Not Not Fun).

. . . . . . . . . .

Max Justus “Please Please Please”

Since age fifteen Max has been working on various projects in his hometown of Madison, Wisconsin when he released his first album and opened for illustrious artists Tortoise, Daniel Lanois (solo artist and producer of bands ranging from U2 to Bob Dylan), and Bob Mould of Hüsker Dü. At nineteen he moved to Kansas City, Missouri where he now resides, completing two albums, Ophelia and Talk to Strangers, which are only available digitally on MySpace. At twenty-one, Max released his first record with Kansas City-based label The Record Machine, titled Five Leaping Leopards, to much critical success. He has also completed remixes of Kanye West, C & C Music Factory, and Rainbow Arabia.

. . . . . . . . . .

namelessnumberheadman “Opposable Thumb – DJG in the Place to Be Remix” – Exclusive

namelessnumberheadman is 3 people is 10 years.  Despite being continually mauled by circus bears and eaten by pre-charmed snakes, they yet find avenues to build lively and entertaining art that is consumed by deliciously expectant ears. Kansas City welcomed them with detuned radios and low bit-rate downloads, and/but/so they built a breathless empire out of the candied skeletons of tattered synthesizers. Along this crocheted path of electrical resistance, they have habitually melded minds with DJG for the creation of fine artifacts and artifictions to inflate the greatest stretches of their nose army through volatile propaganda.

namelessnumberheadman are alive and well and are in the process of patenting fresh methods for melting wax cylinders of classic rock hymns and magnetizing charm bracelets with flat wound strings. They can surely be found on the Internet.

. . . . . . . . . .

Neatly Knotted “A Hopeful Pause” – Exclusive

Neatly Knotted is comprised of one solitary member – Ben Chlapek. The songs are somewhat minimal, warm, and the result of an old electric organ and drum machine recorded onto a 4-track cassette. His EP, Sore Throat City, is available as a free download here, or can be purchased from Ben’s Web site in cassette form as well.

. . . . . . . . . .

Primary Structures “Jet Set” (Demo) – Exclusive

Primary Structures is a San Francisco four-piece described by the stalwarts at Amoeba Records as memorable & almost-over-the-top intelligent pop in the realm of the Magnetic Fields and the New Pornographers.  Previous incarnations of the band have released music under the monikers of Lady Genius and Volunteer Pioneer. A 12″ LP will be released in late summer 2011 on the venerable Gold Robot Records.

. . . . . . . . . .

Pro & Contra “Blood to Blue”

Pro & Contra formed spontaneously in 2009 when James Hoskins, former lead singer of Elevator Division, asked friends Chris Stewart (former member of Elevator Division) and Dan Cogan to join him on a road trip to record songs together in a vacant country estate in La Cygne, Kansas. The result was the La Cygne EP and the birth of Pro & Contra. You can download the EP for free at James is currently writing and recording material for a new Pro & Contra release.

. . . . . . . . . .

Quarry House “(Liquified Men) Caving In” – Exclusive

As Quarry House, Jonathan James and siblings Joseph and Meg Kramer make haunting avant-pop music. Using traditional rock instruments and electronics along with homemade and modified instruments, their songs are improvisational, collaborative, and accidental. The band began in December 2008 as a studio collaboration between the members, who were based in Springfield, Missouri; Chicago, Illinois; and Brooklyn, New York. Quarry House’s first EP will be released in fall 2011. The band is planning to tour in October, along with other members of the Close/Far Family ( The track “(Liquified Men) Caving In” also features Kyle Jeffries on electric guitar.

. . . . . . . . . .

The Roman Numerals “Go No Go” – Exclusive

The men of Roman Numerals were in a bunch of other bands that some people really cared about but most never even got a chance to hear. Looking to try something new, Roman Numerals bonded over an idea to start a band with no rules and no particular style or sound. What developed was a hodge-podge of the ‘80s post-punk and new wave sounds they grew up on and the ‘90s post-rock sounds they helped invent. They toured around the country off and on – in a van – for about six years. Now, they are just waiting it out. Just … waiting it out.

. . . . . . . . . .

Seume “Apple Tree”

David Seume released his debut album, It Is What It Is, in December 2008. Seume (pronounced “sue me”) wrote and arranged its 11 tracks, recording them in his bare-bones bedroom studio. The release show received media recognition as one of the year’s highlights in Kansas City music, and the album quickly garnered praise from the press – earning him a Best Singer-Songwriter nomination in 2009 from The Pitch. Since making a splash on the local scene, Seume has journeyed many miles in his ’82 VW van, playing venues in Austin, Los Angeles, and living rooms across the country. Currently, he is looking for a little piece of land where he can live the good life – working with his hands and making music.

Danny J. Gibson, collaborating with Philip J. Cheaney under the moniker Mur Mur Man, created an award-winning animated video for Seume’s single, “Will Ya Be My Friend.”See it here.

. . . . . . . . . .

Jonathan Smith “Perceptions, Etc.”

Jonathon Smith is a member of My Science Fiction Twin, and has self-released eighty-six zillion solo albums since he picked up a guitar in 1996. Katy calls him her husband. The boy in Katy’s belly will soon call him Dad. His students call him Mr. Smith. Everyone else just calls him the Bob Pollard of Raytown.

State Bird “Good Vibes”

Healin’ the Pain is State Bird’s fourth release, third full-length album, second studio collaboration with Ian Pellecci engineering, second release as a four piece, and it’s a huge departure from the pop folk of their earlier work. It’s also State Bird’s most adventurous to date. Somewhere along the way, State Bird became a rock ‘n’ roll band, Heaven sent and Hell bent.

Forged in the belly of Ohio, recorded live to tape with minimal overdubs at The Bunker Studio in Brooklyn, NY, and mixed at Tiny Telephone in San Francisco, Healin’ presents a loud and raucous sound totally its own, angry and confident and crass and cocksure, with guitars that snarl and scream like big black alley cats doing unmentionable things to each other … This is the death rattle of the band that came before, and what a sound it makes! Healin’ the Pain is a lone black wolf howling in the night, ready to die.

. . . . . . . . . .

Kris Wolfe “(Be Bop) I’m Bored and Buried Alive”

Kris Wolfe’s debut LP, From Brown to Blonde to Black (downloadable in full for free at the address above), is a record that looks in popular music’s rearview mirror while driving forward. It is inspired by ‘60s acts like the Zombies, the Beach Boys, and the Association, but also feels at home alongside artists like Of Montreal and Apples in Stereo. Co-written with, produced by, and featuring the multi-instrumentalist talents of Chad Thomas Johnston, “(Be Bop) I’m Bored and Buried Alive” is a tribute to Bobby “Boris” Pickett & the Crypt-Kickers’ immortal “Monster Mash.” Read about the creative process behind the song here.