This is a big week for Danny J. Gibson. His show opens Friday in Kansas City, the two of us are going to be on NPR’s Kansas City affiliate, KCUR, and a feature on Danny is going to appear in The Pitch. It’s a mass media feeding frenzy, and Danny and I are the main course.

Last week we had a very pleasant surprise: Danny’s parents called him one evening, surprised to find an article about their son (my press release, in fact) in their hometown newspaper, the Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune. I think Danny and I were just as surprised as they were, as I had pitched the piece to the paper a few weeks prior and heard nothing from them upon following up. Fun, huh?

Lawrence, KS’s resident podcasting pro and artistic delinquent Jason Barr is also going to feature a DJG-driven podcast sometime this week on his BARRR Heaven Web site. It will also be available as a free download from iTunes.

Regarding this week’s radio broadcast, here is the info you will need:

We will be appearing on Jabulani Lefall’s morning show, Central Standard, at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, August 31st, at 89.3 fm on the radio.

If you try to dial it up and fail to get anything like clear reception because you are out of range, fear not. You can listen online as well. Click here for more details. You will also be able to download it later as a podcast here.

Wish us luck, everyone!


“What can I do to support Danny J. Gibson’s brilliant endeavors?” you ask.

1) Tell him you like his work. Send him a tweet @DJGKCMOUSA or an email at

2) Send out this tweet:

#FREE 35-song tribute album + #FREE art exhibit, all celebrating the art of @DJGKCMOUSA.#RetweetNowBrownCow #NoiseTrade

This will take them to my site, where I am hosting a) an overview of the album & event details, exclusive downloads, media downloads, posters, etc. and b) band bios for all of the acts that appear on the album, DJG Was Here.

3) Visit Danny’s Web site: and recommend it to 5 friends. Tweet about it. Squawk about it. Henpeck your friends over it.

4) Buy clothing featuring Danny’s designs from Zazzle:

But please, be smarter than me. I ordered the shirt below and had it shipped to the wrong address (long story), but Zazzle was kind enough to reroute the shipping for me after it had already mailed. A major save on their part! I wanted to wear the shirt to our NPR appearance Wednesday. I figured Kansas City’s listeners would naturally pick up on the DJG merchandise with, um, their ears. Because I can always hear what people are, uh, wearing. (Can’t you?)

5) Buy prints of Danny’s art to frame and hang in your home here:

6) Visit his exhibit, and invite your friends and family to come with you. Download the record, listen to it together while you drive around town, and then come see the art that inspired it! Make an evening of it!