Danny J. Gibson and I wrote and recorded this together in one day in the summer of 1999 at his parents’ house in Meadville, MO. It is absolutely terrifying. We were both 20 at the time.

Danny created the art for this cassette-only release, which was only reproduced twice – once for me, and once for our friend Philip J. Cheaney. On that note, thanks to Philip for providing us with this archival recording since neither Danny nor myself knew where to find our copies, even after sifting through endless mountains of junk at our houses.

Track 1: Sock Monkey “Glockenspiel in D” by Saint_Upid

Track 2: Sock Monkey “New Wave Cool” by Saint_Upid

Track 3: Sock Monkey “The Death of the Sock Puppets” by Saint_Upid

Track 4: Sock Monkey “Innocence Lost (The Monkey That Took Off His Head)” by Saint_Upid