I hereby declare today to be International DJG (Danny J. Gibson) Day.

If you are concerned that this day might somehow overshadow some other holiday no one celebrates, you are free to file a complaint with your Congressman. Go ahead, really. Because nothing is going to stop today from being International DJG Day.

Tonight is Danny’s gallery opening in Kansas City. The festivities begin at 5:00 pm at the following location:

1819 Central Event Space + Gallery
Crossroads Arts District
1819 Central St.
Kansas City, MO 64108

P: 816.200.3417
E: contact@1819central.com

The gallery’s official Web site is: http://1819central.com/

On Wednesday, Danny was featured in an article by David Hudnall in Vol. 31, Issue No. 9 of The Pitch, titled “Displaying Soul.” Read it here.


Danny was also the subject of a podcast with Lawrence artist and raconteur Jason Barr.

Barr’s A. D. D. Podcast pitted acronym vs. acronym, with A. D. D. facing off against D. J. G. in an audio assault heretofore unheard by human ears. Download the 70 minute podcast here, and acquaint yourself with the one and only Jason Barr. If you are feeling daring, feel free to swing by the Bourgeois Pig here in Lawrence and behold Jason’s “Heaven Party” art exhibit, which has already prompted one Lawrence resident to threaten a lawsuit against the Bourgeois Pig for violation of Kansas obscenity laws.

Chances are, if you’re terrified of the picture of Jason below, his exhibit might also freak you out just the slightest bit. But I happen to like Jason. There’s a good man beneath all of that misanthrope.

Wednesday morning I drove to Kansas City and fortified my body with a hearty breakfast of biscuits and chorizo gravy at Eggcetera with Danny. We needed food to make us strong for our joint interview with Kansas City’s NPR affiliate, KCUR.

Let me tell you: The experience was delightful. Producer Andrea Silenzi was too kind, and show host Jabulani Lefall showed us how professionals work when the “On Air” sign is aglow.

Download the “Central Standard” podcast in MP3 format here (Right-click and “Save as”). Scroll down to see video of Danny and KCUR producer Andrea Silenzi in the studio before the show.

Photo above taken by moi at the KCUR “Central Standard” studio. Video below shot by me as well on my Canon Powershot, which rules most triumphantly.