Danny J. Gibson (@DJGKCMOUSA) has become the (slightly burnt) toast of the Kansas City art scene this fall. He’s been on KC’s NPR affiliate, KCUR, featured in The Pitch, celebrated in New York City’s Felt & Wire, interviewed at length on one of @BARRR‘s A. D. D. Podcasts, and celebrated on numerous blogs as well. Just when Danny and I thought his upward trajectory had reached its zenith, however, he confounded expectations and kept climbing higher, like a kitten in a tree with a heartfelt love for the Kansas City Fire Department.

“Climb, Danny, climb!”

First, his gallery poster show was granted a month’s extension, enabling it to be open to the public for all of October. Then, he was granted a third First Friday in Kansas City. Keep in mind, this exhibit was originally only slated to be available in September. The boy is destroying in the Kansas City art world with his explosive visuals. More info on the exhibit here. See it in person on November 4th!

Two more pieces of Danny J. Gibson news have recently rolled in like tumbleweeds: First, The Pitch awarded Danny’s exhibit “Best Scene-Uniting Retrospective” in its Best of KC 2011 issue. Read all about it here. Second, Ink magazine, which is published by The Kansas City Star, gave the 35-song LP he and I curated a largely favorable review here. Click on the widget on the right side of my blog to download the record. Give yourself an early Christmas present without incurring the wrath of your spouse or parents!

“Who’s in the picture below?” you ask. It’s not Danny J. Gibson. Promise.

It is, in fact, musician T. W. Walsh (@twwalsh). He was interviewed by none other than Twitter’s friendly neighborhood art gangster, Jason Barr (@BARRR) for his A. D. D. Podcast, which is rapidly gaining momentum in the art underworld. In fact, it recently charted on iTunes’ “What’s Hot” list.

Mr. Walsh, in addition to his solo musical ventures, has been a member of Pedro the Lion, mixed David Bazan’s Curse Your Branches LP, and mastered Sufjan Stevens’ The Age of Adz LP, as well as his All Delighted People EP. In other words, the man is worthy of a podcast or two or three. Jason Barr picks his brain here.

Oh, right. I almost forgot. This is my blog. I should probably share some news about me as well.

Not sure where The Stained-Glass Kaleidoscope is. My agent has been busy and getting in touch with her has been like trying to contact E. T.’s mothership without a Speak ‘n’ Spell and a fork.

I have a fan in Texas. His name is Josh Madden (@maddenjoshua), and he writes for the Baylor Lariat. In a recent article on possible Nobel prize winners for literature in 2011, he listed me alongside Bob Dylan and Quentin Tarantino as a person he would love to see win this year’s award. Since my book is not publicly available yet, I doubt I will receive any such nomination, and he essentially says the same thing. But it was awfully nice of him to acknowledge me as a writer. Read all about it here.

Then, there is the small matter of Brooklyn octet Rubblebucket (@Rubblebucket) performing a live, acoustic version of their single “Came Out of a Lady” just for my brand new baby Evie, who is only 3-weeks-old. I have written a feature story for them, and they are currently mulling it over, trying to figure out how we can get maximum exposure for it and, ultimately, them. It all happened because of the communication capabilities afforded by Twitter. Read my summary of what transpired at the Bottleneck last Wednesday, and see my YouTube footage of the band performing for the Evester Bunny here.

My Tulsa-based writer friend Jennifer Luitwieler (@jenluit) is now a published author. Her book Run With Me: An Accidental Runner and the Power of Poo is a lovely read, and a must-have for all running, dog-owning, poop-scooping people everywhere. The entirety of page 58 is taken up by something I wrote for her, and she added footnotes to the book after reading The Stained-Glass Kaleidoscope.

We had the great fortune of meeting Mrs. Luitwieler in person when she and her daughter Bronwyn visited our house last weekend to say hello to Baby Evie. She supplied us with an autographed, personalized copy of her debut.

Last, but certainly not least, is a Christmas project I am contributing art to, which is curated by none other than Lawrence’s Sam Billen (@SamBillen) (former member of The Billions). Danny J. Gibson will likewise be contributing art, and Halfhanded Cloud, Jordan Geiger (Hospital Ships, Appleseed Cast) and others are contributing music. Click here and contribute to our Kickstarter campaign!

One more thing: Thanks to all of you guest writers who have been supplying my site with content while the wife and I have been digging out from underneath a mountain of diapers!