If you really follow my blog (I don’t, but you might), you’ll know I ran this exactly a year ago today. But I figure a rerun is acceptable on occasions such as these, when new parenthood has left my eyes bloodshot, my brain beleaguered, my hair prematurely gray. I exaggerate: Baby Evie is a delight. But I am tired. Really, really, really tired. So enjoy. 

This is the audio equivalent of an old family film reel found in an old box of dusty Christmas decorations. My sister Alyssa and I recorded this for our grandparents when we were wee tots. I excerpted elements of it for my Christmas album. This is the full 7+ minutes of tape we recorded together. It is awkward and sweet and hilariously terrible. I was 6-years-old at the time, and Alyssa was 2.

My sister, who “lost a ton” when she married Paul Johns, runs a lovely blog at http://reworkedart.blogspot.com/.  She is quite the craftswoman.  Check her out, and make sure you tell her she sang “Go Tell It Onna’ Ountain” (Seriously!) like no one has ever sung it before or since.

Christmas Chrome by Saint_Upid