Joshua Madden (@maddenjoshua), Arts & Entertainment Editor of The Baylor Lariat, picked my brain and found 27 cents in lost change and a stale Funyun from 1997 in the folds of my gray matter. The resulting feature is the first and only solo interview I have granted for any publication, and hopefully not the last. It was an honor to be asked, and I am grateful to Josh and the fine folks at The Lariat for letting me stain the pages of their beloved newspaper with my brain drippings.

Read the interview here, and make sure you “Like” it so it will look like I am more popular than I really am.

Here is The Baylor Lariat’s review of my double-disc anthology, Source Materials and Sorcerer Materials as well.


Here is’s coverage of Sam Billen’s Christmas project, A Light Goes On. Staff writer Sarah Henning quotes me.