Every time a dog makes a “deposit,” if you will, another copy of Jennifer Luitwieler’s book Run With Me: An Accidental Runner and the Power of the Poo is sold on Amazon.com.

This week Run With Me became the third best-selling sports biography on the site, following a favorable review from The Pioneer Woman blog, which holds Oprah Winfrey-like clout in the blogosphere, registering nearly 10 million site visits per month.

If you have not purchased a copy for yourself yet, please do so. You can purchase it in physical form or as an eBook here.


Run With Me is an essay-driven, humorous memoir that tells the story of how Jennifer began running in an attempt to deter her dog, Cooper, from “laying pipe” beneath her sewing table in the house. She believed running would change his behavior and motivate him to “take care of business” elsewhere (outside, for instance, like other dogs). But running changed Jennifer’s heart instead of Cooper’s behavior. She was surprised to find she had actually become a runner in the process of attempting to teach Cooper to do her bidding. For Jennifer, running had become a therapeutic outlet for self-discovery. Although Cooper still delights in leaving “deposits” in the same cherished spot, Jennifer is no longer standing in the same place she was when she began her journey as an “accidental runner.” Her story is proof that sports are not merely physical activities, but soul-shaping strivings that enrich us in ways that are surprising.

For the Media (and Friends of the Media)

If you or someone you know is a member of the media, Jennifer is open to interviews and can be contacted through me. I am available via email at chad1978@gmail.com, or on Twitter at @Saint_Upid.

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