The FUN-draiser

My NIGHTMARRIAGE eBook is well underway at this time, and I am calling on you to contribute to my publisher’s Indie-Go-Go fundraising campaign.

“What’s in it for me?” you ask. “I’ve already Kickstarted and Indie-Go-Go’ed myself all the way to bankruptcy, and now I live out of an Easy Bake Oven box.”

To that I say, “I understand. Bake me a tiny cake.”

It is with great enthusiasm that I announce that eLectio Publishing will be offering limited edition, signed print copies of NIGHTMARRIAGE to all who contribute $50 to the campaign. Copies of the book will be signed by both me and the artist who is contributing to the project, Kansas City’s own Danny Joe Gibson.

In the end, there will be NIGHTMARRIAGE eBooks, Pinterest promotional pieces (featuring Danny’s art), T-shirts (one for each piece of art created for the book), and even an audiobook eventually.

My publisher is eLectio Publishing, a start-up company based in Texas and run by CEO Jesse Greever.

All money generated by the fundraiser will be used to pay for eLectio’s required block of 1,000 ISBNs ($1,000), SSL Certificate ($70), additional domain name registrations and hosting ($650), advertising/marketing via FaceBook & Google (up to $2000), and additional legal services ($800).

While eLectio bills itself as a Christian publisher, I want my friends who are not Christians (and even those who are more than a little frightened by matters of faith) to know that helping fund eLectio Publishing is not about funding Christian propaganda. It is about funding a publisher that promises to offer a voice for independent Christian writers who occupy a very unique niche in the writing universe.

For that matter, NIGHTMARRIAGE is not by any means a religious book. It is a comedic, essay-driven memoir. If you like my writing, support the fundraising effort, and help make NIGHTMARRIAGE a reality.

Read My Interview With CEO Jesse Greever Here. 

From CEO Jesse Greever:

“For donors of $50 or more, we have a VERY SPECIAL perk that is limited to the first fifty.  Those who donate $50 or more will receive a limited edition print copy of our very first release, Nightmarriage, by Chad Thomas Johnston.  Here are the exciting details:

  • The printing run will be limited to 50 copies of the book.
  • Each book will have a special signature page at the front.
  • The signature page will be numbered, and each book will have a unique number from 1 to 50 (ie, “1 of 50”, “2 of 50” and so on).
  • Each signature page will be signed by the author, Chad Thomas Johnston.
  • Each signature page will be signed by award-winning artist, Danny Joe Gibson, who will be providing artwork for the book.

This will TRULY be a collector’s item, and can be yours for a minimum donation of $50.

Spread the love and donate to eLectio Publishing.

And by all means, spread the word!  We have a very simple web address for the fund-raising campaign:  Please post that link on FaceBook, Twitter, Google+ and any other Social Network platform.  Alternatively, you can post on FaceBook or Tweet about this by using one of the buttons above.

Thanks again for all your support!”