“Heaven Knows I’m Adorable Now”

Evie says new words all the time. It blows our minds every time she opens her mouth and utters something new.

I got Simon Goddard’s Mozipedia: The Encyclopaedia of Morrissey and The Smiths for Christmas this year, and thought Moz might make a most excellent tutor for our tiny tot. Who writes more eloquent lyrics, after all?

Below is a list of all the words Evie has been saying over the course of the past two months. The list grows longer every day.

Maybe I will pass some of my writing assignments to her.

Thanks to The Big Takeover‘s Joseph Kyle, and Kansas City’s son Kevin Eschleman for inspiring this post. 

Evie at 14 Months—Even Though the Note Says 13 (or “What Difference Does It Make If I Wake Daddy Once or Twice at Night?”)

Evie at 15 Months (or “A Rush and a Push and These Teeth Will Come In”)



“She-she” = Sushi

“Mow” = Cat’s “Meow”

“Oof” = Dog’s “Woof”/”Arf”

“Uppfle” = Apple

“Mick” = Milk

“Pee pees” = Pee pee

“Bea” = Beans

“Peas” = Please

“Tenkoo” = Thank you

“Nigh nigh” = Goodnight

“Foof” or “Foom” = Food


“Teese”/”Teef” = Teeth

“Bookh” = Book

Confuses the words “ice” and “eyes”