Writer, writing teacher, and editor Andi Cumbo recently interviewed me about writing on her website. Read up, and follow Andi on Twitter at @andilit.


“People tend to handle critiquing me with kid gloves because I have OCD, and I’m very sensitive. But in the past year, having finally written publicly on a regular basis, I no longer believe I need to wag my finger at people and say, ‘You just don’t understand how good my writing is! Let me show you! You just don’t know what you’re talking about, you Great Deflator of Dreams!’ Now I know my limitations better, and I ask for help more than before, and I accept the flaws in my pieces with a bit more grace. I don’t have the mastery over the craft I believed I did, and it took writing in public to disabuse me of that belief. But I love writing more than ever, and it drives me crazy more than ever too, because I am really giving it a proper go, and it’s not something I find easy.”