Things have been busy around here. This week alone I have:

1) Been interviewed by the Kansas City Star. Look for me in it this weekend.

2) Been interviewed and photographed by the Lawrence Journal-World. Look for me in it this weekend, too.

3) Signed off on production of the color edition of Nightmarriage. Buy it here:!/~/product/category=4758361&id=25832579

4) Began offering signed copies for sale here at Details here:

5) Turned in my two-part interview with singer-songwriter Sam Phillips. It will run next Monday and Tuesday at IMAGE Journal‘s “Good Letters” blog. Because Phillips supplied me with so much content, however, I will run the extra material here at, providing new content with the publication of each part of the interview.

6) Mailed a copy of the book to a friend’s mom in France. Which was a feat in and of itself, considering all the customs nonsense. Ha! I expect a huge sales boom in France now, Carol Barr!

That being said, please come to my book signing on August 3rd from 1-3 p.m. at Signs of Life. A few of the book’s artists may appear to sign autographs, too. We shall see! But I will most definitely be there, and so will Becki. But she is shy, and probably will not sign any books. She might give you a perplexing look, for this is her specialty—she is a mysterious creature from Wisconsin.

Hope to see you there, folks!