Nightmarriage continues to spin its own stories.

Consider Jennifer Jacobson of Fairview, Texas, whom I met via the Interweb. She ordered four copies: one for each of her children, and one for her parents.

I inscribed them with my silver Sharpie, mailed them in my sci-fi-friendly silver bubble mailers, feeling both dutiful and thankful.

Jennifer did not, however, give her children a heads-up.

She soon left a message on my Facebook wall reading as follows:

“Sooooo next time I have you autograph and send your books to my kids, remind me to give them a heads up that it is coming. Apparently I unsettled my dear daughter in law. ‘Jake (her husband), who is this and why does he know our names???'”

Another daughter’s reaction: “(She) was confused too but is several chapters in. (Oooh, random book on doorstep. Think I will read it!) Declares Nightmarriage to be “pretty funny!”

Pretty funny?

I’ll take it!


This week, the twentieth review of Nightmarriage appeared on, ranking it as the #23 best-rated book Parenting and Family Humor, with seventeen five-star reviews, and three four-star reviews.

If you enjoyed the book, but have yet to review it, please do so! Twenty is a great number, but the more reviews the book receives on Amazon, the more visible it will become to the purchasing public.


This week, Tyler McCabe reviewed the book for IMAGE Update. Read his very kind words here.

A very kind reviewer in Nigeria wrote up a review for We Blog About Books in cooperation with Read the review here.


This week I also appeared on Rocky K.’s Complete Sentences Podcast.

Rocky began following me on Twitter in recent months, and we struck up a dialog that resulted in me sending him my book. See his letter to me below, and listen to the resulting  podcast  here.

Note: He really did enclose expired donut coupons with his letter. For some reason, the expired coupons really did it for me. I was thrilled. I can never use them. Unlike donuts, however, I can never eat them, poop them out the next day, and forget about them just as quickly. Rocky gave me something permanent in those expired coupons.

Note II: Despite our random meeting on the Internet, Rocky lives down the street from my old apartment complex in St. Louis, Missouri. Amazing.

If you happen to have more Nightmarriage stories, please send them my way. I love hearing them!

More things are happening, but I cannot comment on them just yet. We shall see! Time shall tell!