Read my latest piece, “To Build a Throne” (In Touch Magazine), which reflects on the work of African-American janitor James Hampton, who secretly built a 177-piece collection of throne-room furnishings for the return of Christ before his death in 1964. Photos courtesy of the Smithsonian.

Excerpt: “If God chose to enter the world in the form of a helpless baby in a lowly manger, why couldn’t He return and reign from a humble throne fashioned, more or less, from trash? This decidedly unusual question comes to mind when I view James Hampton’s work of art, The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations’ Millennium General Assembly. In anticipation of the second coming of Christ, Hampton—a janitor—used salvaged materials to build an astonishing collection of throne-room furnishings for his Lord. And the best part? He created it all in secret, in a rented garage over a fourteen-year period. The world would learn of his creation only after he died from stomach cancer in 1964.”