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In 2015, I decided to read the Bible from cover to cover for the first time. I did so believing I’d probably read most of the text over the course of my life in piecemeal form via personal devotionals, sermons, and Sunday school lessons. To my surprise, I discovered quite a few things in scripture that I’d never read before, or perhaps simply failed to absorb.

I pitched a series to the online editor at Atlanta, Georgia-based ministry, InTouch, and got the green light shortly thereafter. I will post links to the resulting series of essays below, along with original art by InTouch maestro Jeff Gregory. While the cartoon version of me looks nothing like me (he has far more hair, is much shorter, and also much stockier), I love what he’s created!

Enjoy Wholly Scripture: Confessions of a Wayfaring Reader!


Essay #1: When Scripture Was a Whip


Essay #2: More Than a Manual


Essay #3: Catching Minnows


Essay #4: From Amram to Zelophehad


Essay #5: A God With a Split Personality?