Yeah. I’m posting a blog entry for the first time since humanity discovered fire. I know it’s been awhile. But Evie goes to kindergarten in 78 days (Who’s counting though?) and I fully expect that I will be able to post more often once this happens. So I am beginning today by posting a little something about my friend Sarah, who sells cakes (and other goodies) in Lawrence, Kansas, as Sarah’s Sweet Tarts and Treats, LLC (“Like” here page here!).

My mom celebrated a birthday this past week, and Becki and I commissioned Sarah to make Mom “the most chocolatey chocolate cake” she could make. Mom is, after all, a self-proclaimed chocoholic.

Sarah succeeded in satisfying Mom’s taste buds, and mine, too. In a big, big way. Like, when I opened the box Sarah’s Dark Chocolate Cake came in, and the smell of chocolate reached my nostrils, I experienced cacao euphoria. I might have even levitated a little.

Evie’s Reaction to the Cake (In Eternal Loop Format):

And Mom’s Reaction (In Candid Interview Format):

To order a cake (or cookies or muffins or tarts) of your own from Sarah, drop her a line at You can also buy her creations at the Cottin’s Hardware Farmer’s Market at 1832 Massachusetts St. on Thursdays from May through September from 4-6:30 p.m.

I should mention, too, that she is a gluten-free baker. And not because she hates gluten. She just happens to be allergic to wheat. Ah, the irony of being a baker who cannot bake with wheat! Did her cake taste different than other cakes I’ve had because it lacked gluten? Nope. It was just better than most of them—that’s all.

So “Like” her page. And hire her to make something for you.