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My Elliott Smith Cover: "Stained-Glass Eyes" (New FREE MP3)

My Elliott Smith Cover: “Stained-Glass Eyes” (New FREE MP3)

My new friend Ben Chlapek inspired me to record an Elliott Smith song. I’ve long loved his unreleased “Stained-Glass Eyes,” and thought it would be fun to record. It was, as it turned out. Fingerpicked guitar, double-tracked vocals (per Elliott’s example), and an organ flesh out the soundscape. Nice and simple. Hope you enjoy it. It...
"Like Friends Becoming Lovers" b/w "All Her Colors" (Virtual 7") FREE MP3s

“Like Friends Becoming Lovers” b/w “All Her Colors” (Virtual 7″) FREE MP3s

Here are two more songs from the vault. Enjoy the free MP3s. Sleeve art by Chad Thomas Johnston. Drawn during a (you guessed it) meeting at work. “Like Friends Becoming Lovers” – Written and performed by Chad Thomas Johnston. Produced by Matt Fillingham. Like Friends Becoming Lovers by Saint_Upid “All Her Colors” – Lyrics by...
Now at Prime Parents Club: CTJ's Review of Rubblebucket's "Omega La La" LP

Now at Prime Parents Club: CTJ’s Review of Rubblebucket’s “Omega La La” LP

My review of Rubblebucket’s new LP, Omega La La, is now posted on the Prime Parents Club Web site. Check it out here. I will be publishing a bimonthly music review column on this site called Somewhere Over the Audio Rainbow. A Teaser for You … Thanks to Rubblebucket, my daughter Evie will hear rainbows long...
You Brighten the Room 7" - Archival 2011 Remaster (FREE MP3)

You Brighten the Room 7″ – Archival 2011 Remaster (FREE MP3)

The A-Side: I wrote “You Brighten the Room” for my friend Traci in the year 2000. People always used to ask me to write songs for them, and I obliged on many occasions because music was pretty much the only thing I did at the time, recreationally speaking. I have recorded it at least 5...
1 Year of CTJ Blog + 1st Recording in 3.5 Years

1 Year of CTJ Blog + 1st Recording in 3.5 Years

(I posted this yesterday, but the mix needed reworking. I have since remixed it and reposted it below. I am pleased with this version. Consider it a keeper, and download it for your listening enjoyment!) Today marks the one-year anniversary of this blog. To celebrate, here is my first new recording in 3.5 years. My...
So Primitive (I Hunt Heads) 7" (Free MP3)

So Primitive (I Hunt Heads) 7″ (Free MP3)

(So Primitive) I Hunt Heads by Saint_Upid Please play this loud. If you have children, tell them that if they don’t do the dishes, you will play this song. This will soil their trousers at the thought of hearing this throbbing jungle paean to cannibalism and dislocation again.
Rock 'n' Roll Toothbrush 7" (Free MP3 Download)

Rock ‘n’ Roll Toothbrush 7″ (Free MP3 Download)

In 2004, my friend Bryan told me we needed to write a song that would motivate his daughter Lily to brush her teeth. She was just over two at the time, and she was determined to rot her little baby teeth right out of her head. Bryan and I came up with this musical novelty...
When Kurt Cobain Was the Sun Around Which the Musical Universe Revolved

When Kurt Cobain Was the Sun Around Which the Musical Universe Revolved

This post is dedicated to my Seattle-based agent Jenée Arthur, who was kind enough to buy me a copy of Charles R. Cross’sCobain Unseenafter I signed with her. Thank you for all your hard work, Jenée. Enjoy the read. I spent an hour with Seattle’s lost son Kurt Cobain a few nights ago. I walked on...
On Winning and Losing Wars: An Interview with NYC's Tara-Leigh Cobble

On Winning and Losing Wars: An Interview with NYC’s Tara-Leigh Cobble

“No one would watch this film / Where redemption never comes / And the garden is lost to the darkness / And the lover dies unloved. All the hatches were battened / I don’t know, I don’t know what happened / So I cried out to the captain / Forgetting I’d thrown him to the...
The Star-Lassoer: An Interview with V2/Bella Union Artist Stephanie Dosen

The Star-Lassoer: An Interview with V2/Bella Union Artist Stephanie Dosen

In 2003 I opened for Stephanie Dosen at Churchill’s Coffeehouse in Springfield, MO, and it was like opening for a pixie from another planet who spends her free time lassoing stars and befriending constellations.  Since we were at a coffeehouse, it was not difficult for me to imagine her pouring milk from the Milky Way into...
Have Yourself a Mopey, Mopey Christmas (Free MP3 Single)

Have Yourself a Mopey, Mopey Christmas (Free MP3 Single)

Here is a Christmas single from yours truly… Side A: Winter, I Wouldn’t Know – A re-recording of a song I wrote in 1999. I love this song even though it reminds me of college heartbreak and romantic weirdness. That was my specialty for years. My wife rescued me from a life of Cupidic chaos...
Sufjan Stevens Christmas Song Contest Entry

Sufjan Stevens Christmas Song Contest Entry

In 2007, Asthmatic Kitty Records hosted “The Great Sufjan Song Xmas Xchange!” In short, recording artist Sufjan Stevens – most recently famous for releasing an hour-long “EP” and an album, The Age of Adz, within the span of a month – hosted a Christmas songwriting competition. I wrote and contributed my own song, titled “Bethlehem...