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(im)PRESS(ed?) for DJG's Album/Exhibit

(im)PRESS(ed?) for DJG’s Album/Exhibit

  This is a big week for Danny J. Gibson. His show opens Friday in Kansas City, the two of us are going to be on NPR’s Kansas City affiliate, KCUR, and a feature on Danny is going to appear in The Pitch. It’s a mass media feeding frenzy, and Danny and I are the...
Sock Monkey: "Sock Puppet Murder Manifesto" EP (Free MP3 Download)

Sock Monkey: “Sock Puppet Murder Manifesto” EP (Free MP3 Download)

Danny J. Gibson and I wrote and recorded this together in one day in the summer of 1999 at his parents’ house in Meadville, MO. It is absolutely terrifying. We were both 20 at the time. Danny created the art for this cassette-only release, which was only reproduced twice – once for me, and once for...
Free 35-Song Album + Free Art Exhibit = Audiovisual Feast

Free 35-Song Album + Free Art Exhibit = Audiovisual Feast

Download the Poster Above here. Make it the computer screen wallpaper on your boss’s laptop. He’ll fire you, but he’ll also thank you. Consider this Web page an invitation to an audiovisual feast. The hands that prepared the meal are visible above. If not for the art of Danny J. Gibson, there would be no feast....