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CTJ Designs "Building a Life Out of Words" Book Cover

CTJ Designs “Building a Life Out of Words” Book Cover

Just finished my first ever paying book cover design! It’s nice when dead presidents can validate your meager attempts at art. Thanks to Shawn Smucker for giving me a chance. It was a pleasure, despite the fact that it took me around 30 hours to create from start to finish. I began by creating fonts out of...
DJG Press: NYC's Felt & Wire

DJG Press: NYC’s Felt & Wire

Last week we got our first break on the PR campaign trail. New York City-based Felt & Wire published an article on Danny, the album, and the exhibit here. An excerpt from Tom Biederbeck’s (drawing of Tom below courtesy of his Facebook page) excellent piece: Danny J. Gibson has more or less flown under the national...
Black Tuesday (9/11 Art by DJG Design)

Black Tuesday (9/11 Art by DJG Design)

A fitting tribute to Sept. 11, 2001 by DJG Design.  One of my favorite pieces of his. This one proved a bit more baffling to me when Danny unveiled it in 2008, but I really like it now.  It’s called “Pause and Reflect.”