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A Strange School of Apocalyptic Fish: A Review of "What Will Soon Take Place" by Tania Runyan

A Strange School of Apocalyptic Fish: A Review of “What Will Soon Take Place” by Tania Runyan

My Review ***** (Out of 5) Tania Runyan has conjured up a strange school of apocalyptic fish with What Will Soon Take Place (Paraclete Press). Each of the poems in this collection, which explores the book of Revelation through a personal lens, wriggles with wit, catches light like so many shining rainbow scales, and sets ripples...
Book Review: Elizabeth Esther's "Girl at the End of the World"

Book Review: Elizabeth Esther’s “Girl at the End of the World”

I read this book in two days. I never read anything in two days—not ever. I am a tortoise of a reader, trudging along the highway with innumerable hares haranguing me as they hurry past me. Most books take me weeks or months to mull over. As a writer, I am also pretty pokey. But...
Book Review: "Evolving in Monkey Town," by Rachel Held Evans

Book Review: “Evolving in Monkey Town,” by Rachel Held Evans

When I think of Christianity in America—and more specifically, my own Protestant faith—I think of a congregation chanting something that sounds as though it might have originated in Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham. “We will not confess to men in frocks / We will not worship in a box,” and so on. We are...