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"To Be Born Again": In Touch Magazine's First Graphic Essay

“To Be Born Again”: In Touch Magazine’s First Graphic Essay

In Touch magazine recently published its first graphic essay, and I wrote it! Jeff Gregory illustrated it. Read it here!
Childhood Perspective: "Star Wars" and the Space Race

Childhood Perspective: “Star Wars” and the Space Race

The news was always a racket for my parents. Sure, I loved the idiot box as much as the next kid, but when the noise coming from it transformed from the violent slapstick of Looney Tunes to the not-so-loony violence of the news, my brain always convulsed inside my skull. “Peter Jennings, go away. I’ll...
Washer Washer, Dryer Dryer: An Inexplicable Childhood Game

Washer Washer, Dryer Dryer: An Inexplicable Childhood Game

Inspired by @WritRams’ post. Thanks for reminding me of this inexplicable game. When my sister Alyssa and I were smallish, we played a game called “Washer Washer, Dryer Dryer.” It made sense to our candy-addled kiddie brains, but as we grew up, we both realized it made no sense whatsoever. We tried to explain it...