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"Nightmarriage" Notables, Part Deux

“Nightmarriage” Notables, Part Deux

THE BOOK THAT WRITES STORIES OF ITS OWN Nightmarriage continues to spin its own stories. Consider Jennifer Jacobson of Fairview, Texas, whom I met via the Interweb. She ordered four copies: one for each of her children, and one for her parents. I inscribed them with my silver Sharpie, mailed them in my sci-fi-friendly silver...
Help CTJ Strike While the Iron is Hot!

Help CTJ Strike While the Iron is Hot!

Hi All, A lot is going on. If you’re able to help me spread the news, please do. Sam Phillips Today, the first part of my interview with singer-songwriter Sam Phillips is out via IMAGE Journal‘s “Good Letters” blog. Click here to read it. In addition to album after album that I own and adore, Sam has written...